Welcome to Redman Productions. Our current focus is on documentary style productions and how-to/training materials but we are always open to a new adventure.  If you have a need that you think may be able to be filled by an audio or video production please don't hesitate to contact us.  We will help you determine your needs and if our services may be of benefit.

Take a moment to view a sample of our work on the French Bread 101 course for Bakewell Farm.

We have released our first audio retreat kit, Bodhi House Retreat, that allows you to create the experience of a structured meditation retreat in any setting with little more than our kit and a smart phone, tablet or computer.  Details are available at https://retreatkit.info and you can download the kit for FREE here.

You can also download our free Singing Bowl Meditation Timers.  That's right, free.

We are also in the filming phase of the Sīvali documentary .  Please check in every now and then for updates.

Please contact us using this form if you have any questions.