French Bread 101: See the video now

Redman Productions is pleased to share with you a sample of our recent project, French Bread 101. In this video we move proofed loaves into the oven and bake them. Then after allowing them to rest we cut into a loaf and give it the all-important taste test. You can almost smell the bread as Marc cuts into it the first time. Marc’s skill as a baker and a teacher shines through as he explains and demonstrates each step of the process clearly and carefully.

This is the last of eight videos in the French Bread 101 course produced for Bakewell Farm. The series was produced as a supplement to Bakewell Farm’s in-person French Bread 101 course. If you want to learn more about how to get the dough oven ready you will need to sign up for their class. Trust us, it is well worth it.

This video was filmed using an overhead camera to help ensure you see the process of bread making just as if you were doing it yourself. You see exactly what Marc is doing through each step of the process. This unique perspective compliments the hands-on aspects of the live class by allowing the student to review the process in detail, pausing and rewinding as needed.  Weeks later when you are trying to remember that special way that Marc kneads the dough, instead of wishing you could remember it, you can instead replay the video of that part of the class.

The filming was done in one day non-sequentially to allow us to keep rolling tape, so to speak, even when we were waiting for dough to rest or rise.  This saved time and allowed us to maintain a consistent energy level and performance throughout the production.

We hope you enjoy this sample of our work and if you have any questions or comments please drop us a note using the contact form.

And yes, we did enjoy the bread that was made that day, but true to the mission of Bakewell Farm, loaves where also shared with others.

Bakewell Farm: French Bread 101

Marc Jalbert of Bakewell Farm spent a day recently demonstrating the basic techniques for making french bread for an upcoming series entitled French Bread 101.

Upon completion these videos will be made available to supporters of Bakewell Farm to aid them in making bread at home after taking classes from Bakewell Farm.

Marc’s detailed explanations and his love of the bread making process are aided by the use of an over-head camera to allow you see exactly what Marc is doing and seeing in each step of the process.

In this behind the scenes still snapped between takes you can see the camera overhead looking down on the work surface.