Free Meditation Timers

We are proud to offer you these free downloadable meditation timers. Using these timers allows you to have a period of quiet reflection or meditation without having to look at the clock or wonder about time. If you have five minutes but not ten to sit in meditation this will allow you to do just that and still get to work on time, get the kids off to school or be on time for that important meeting at work (yes, you can meditate at work).

These meditations timers are simple MP3 files. You can use them on any computer or device capable of paying back MP3 files such as smart phone, tablet or other MP3 player.

Each track begins with 15 seconds of silence and then a singing bowl is struck three times to start the meditation. What follows is a period of silence the same length as the name of the track. Finally at the end of the silent period the singing bowl is struck three more times.

This is what the singing bowls sound like.


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Bakewell Farm: French Bread 101

Marc Jalbert of Bakewell Farm spent a day recently demonstrating the basic techniques for making french bread for an upcoming series entitled French Bread 101.

Upon completion these videos will be made available to supporters of Bakewell Farm to aid them in making bread at home after taking classes from Bakewell Farm.

Marc’s detailed explanations and his love of the bread making process are aided by the use of an over-head camera to allow you see exactly what Marc is doing and seeing in each step of the process.

In this behind the scenes still snapped between takes you can see the camera overhead looking down on the work surface.